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Check out FamousOwnedBullies frenchies at the 0:55 mark!

Jeremy Piven Talk Show

Check out Jeremy Piven and his dog Bubba on a tlak show!

Check out our favorite trainer, Kaelin Munkelwitz, training Jeremy Piven's pup from Famous Owned Bullies!

Check out Snoop Dogg's pup from Famous Owned Bullies pawtying it up with Martha Stewart's dog!

Check out Snoop Dogg's pup from Famous Owned Bullies pawtying it up with Martha Stewart's dog!

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Does Snoop Dogg have a dog? Yes, he does! His name is Juelz Broadus and he’s a French bulldog. Juelz was given to Snoop by Wiz Khalifa in October of 2015 as a birthday present...

Snoop Dogg is nearing 5 million followers on Instagram, his son Cordell has 470,000 followers, but there’s one member of the Dogg Pound that isn’t getting the social media love he deserves: Juelz Broadus, Snoop’s French Bulldog who has just a few thousand followers...

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Snoop Dogg does have a dog and his name is Juelz Broadus. He’s a French bulldog and was given to Snoop by his good friend Wiz Khalifa as a birthday present. Having Snoop Dogg as your daddy makes you a bit more famous than your average dog so Juelz was given his own instagram account...

Looks like there is a new Dogg on Instagram, and he’s a lot cooler than you’d expect! Snoop Dogg’s dog (say that five times fast) started his own Instagram just days ago, and as you’d expect- it’s unlike anything you’d expect to see from your regular dog Instagram account (Marnie, you really need to step up your game)...

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Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 8.38.53 PM.png

It seems we may have forgotten one of the most pampered dogs in the country in our Rich Dogs of Instagram roundup!

Juelz Broadus, Snoop Dogg's French Bulldog, is racking up followers on his Instagram account. That's right, the West Coast OG's dog has his very own Instagram account, and for good reason...

What a gem! Juelz, the French bulldog who gets to call famed rapper Snoop Dogg dad, officially has his own Instagram. The square-faced pup, seems to have been adopted by the musician back in November, when Snoop posted the first photo of a pint-size Juelz on his own Instagram page...

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 8.25.23 PM.png

GQ’s March profile of Young Thug describes his newest album like this: “Young Thug sounds like a man-boy who'd been raised by wolves and suckled on Xanax and mushrooms and Lil Wayne, inventing his own language.”

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